Some Art
In high school I took a few digital art classes, through AP 2D Design. This was focused on using Photoshop to create digital art. I strayed a bit and went into 3D modeling/rendering with Autodesk Maya. Bellow are some of the things I made.

  1. Space Bed
    Space Bed
  2. Look a city
    Look a city
  3. Glass forest
    Glass forest
  4. Glass Head
    Glass Head
  5. Hill Climb
    Hill Climb
  6. Kitchen 2
    Kitchen 2
  7. House
  8. Wheely
  9. Stairs
  10. Tank field
    Tank field
  11. Wheely Park
    Wheely Park
  12. Lake
  13. Assembly Line
    Assembly Line
  14. A Room
    A Room
  15. Kitchen